A game-changer for saving lives

How often do we think about what we would do in the case of an earthquake, fire, terrorist attack, or any other disaster? Being indoors in a high-rise building, hospital, or office block can claim hundreds of lives when a disaster occurs. Evacuation takes time, people get trapped, and there is panic all around.

The Escape Rescue System is a game-changer.  A mass evacuation system that provides a quick escape for tens of people in each cycle.  Not only can the fast and efficient Escape Rescue System evacuate many people, including the disabled, at once, but its deployment can be initiated by the tenants directly. It is operational in just a few minutes, and evacuation can begin even before outside help arrives.

Emergency services and Hatzalah Without Borders volunteers arrive quickly at the scene, but depending on the situation, it is often difficult for them to swiftly reach trapped victims. For example, when there is a fire in a multi-story building, it takes time for the emergency response teams to raise a ladder from the fire engine to the higher floors and rescue one person at a time. Unfortunately, almost every second spent waiting for an evacuation ladder to be ready for firefighters to climb up and begin evacuating people results in severe injury or death.

When a building is on fire, vertical access poses the most significant challenge. Identifying and accessing stairwells quickly and maneuvering across the smoke and fire can challenge firefighters carrying all their equipment. This is just one reason why having the Escape Rescue system installed is such an advantage. Escape Rescue System is the only system on the market today that can transport rescue personnel up into higher floors quickly and evacuate any floor regardless of the person’s age or physical ability.

The evacuation of people from hospitals, nursing homes, and residences of people with disabilities is even more complex because many cannot walk independently. Therefore, it is crucial for an efficient and swift evacuation system to be available for the elderly, ill, and people with impaired mobility.

The Escape Rescue System protects evacuees inside cabins even in the presence of flames and smoke and when the buildings are without power.

The installation and storage of the system do not require much space or extensive changes, making it a must-have in every building. Remember: Minutes can make a difference in emergency situations. This innovative Escape Rescue System saves lives!