Ram Research and Development Ltd. is an authorized reseller of Bansbach products.

It is important for us to inform our customers in a message from Bansbach :

We are still there for you as usual!

We have implemented comprehensive safety and protective measures already at an early stage: the manufacture and delivery of our products is still guaranteed in the usual quality and reliability. Delivery times neither change.

As usual, we are still there for you in the consultation and support you in the selection of the right product.

Do you need an individual adaptation of our products to your application?
This is still possible without any restrictions.


The Bansbach® easylift gas spring system offers you the greatest possible flexibility: Gas springs in every size, force and implementation.
Countless gas spring variants from existing components, individually according to customer requirements and within the shortest possible production times. The gas spring as you need it!


the linear in-line actuator
With the new easyE-line, you receive an in-line actuator with a very slim design. Due to the linear layout of motor, gear and spindle, a very slim design for installation is achieved. With an outer diameter of 35, 50 and 60mm, the actuators fit into nearly every application. And this is possible with forces up to 10.000N


An alternative to the linear adjustment with Bansbach gas springs is our linear hydraulic actuation system. Our easymotion system can control multiple adjustment cylinders synchronously, which is achieved by simultaneously controlling each cylinder. Wheter light or heavy, this system can be fitted on any application and can be customized to fit your individual needs, including multiples per application.