Modular Free-stand

Hoffman offers many versatile modular free-stands with external components, internal components, assembled enclosures, frames and frame accessories and more.


  • Enclosure solutions ready for use

    Industrial packages that include all the features and enclosure solutions are ready for use.

  • External parties, covers and doors 16 or 14 with blocked steel

    We have available the most comprehensive selection of  locking variations around the world, including hard locking in both directions. The lock is adapted to your application, and is a quality solution for all sorts of purposes.

  • Resistant to dust, moisture and contaminants

    We have a wide range of delivery systems available for gas springs including cranes, wires and hydraulic release.

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  • Additional mounting surface (optional)

    Given the option to add additional mounting surface.

  • Locking systems with control opacity

    Systems are sealed and protected from harmful environmental factors.