Ram Research and Development LTD

Is an Israeli product design company services to technology-based companies.
Our clientele includes some of Israel’s – and the world’s – most successful corporations.

Developing and introducing a new product in today’s global marketplace is dramatically more challenging than it was just a few years ago. Successful design must capitalize on technological innovation, appeal to international consumers and conform to future as well as current standads. And last but not least – these products must be introduced to the market at specific time and at a specific cost.

The RAM Research & Development company can help you meet this challenge. RAM employs a multidisiplinary product design team – project managers, designer, engineers and prototype specialists – with an established world-wide reputation for high-quality designs.

RAM’s list of achievement includes proven designs for personal and business computers, computer peripherals, telephones, POS terminals, calculators, medical equipment and instrumentation systems.

RAM’s comperhensive product design program is tailored to ensure the successful development and introduction of you new products.

RAM does it all: research and analysis, planing, industrial design, engineering CAD/CAE, prototype development and tooling, product brochures, user’s manuals and packaging.
Whether projects are large or small, RAM is dedicated to providing our clients with the very best product design and development services available. We firmly believe that our success is the direct result of our clients’ success.

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During decades of activity, we participated in a large number of projects of the utmost importance for Israeli industry, we have developed and created dozens of high-quality and efficient  products, and adjusted many custom solutions for a wide range of organizations and bodies from different disciplines.

We are proud to present to you some of the developments and our products over the years. see examples: