New innovative high performance tool from Pentair

The high-performance field has just gotten a boost thanks to a unique and innovative new tool from Pentair. The Schroff 2-slot MicroTCA System with integrated eMCH will make transmitting large data even faster, easier, and more cost-efficient, while saving space in the process.
Ram Development, providers of Pentair products, are pleased to announce a new, innovative, high performance tool from Pentair.

Pentair has developed the Schroff 2-slot MicroTCA system with integrated eMCH. This advanced product was created in order to provide a space-saving and more cost-efficient system for high-performance users, without the need for compromise when it comes to fast transmission rates for large data volumes.

The system components can by linked directly into the already existing infrastructure of your network thanks to the 1GbE switch which is connected to a 1GbE uplink on the eMCH, so there is no need to change any of the current configuration, making it easier than ever to install. And with the integrated MCH, the product can be used immediately, helping you to achieve maximum processing power
without the need for maximum space.

Ram Development and Pentair present this unique stackable, EMC shielded, cost optimized product which will make the high performance field shine.

Extension of the cpci serial rpoduct family

RAM is announcing Pentair’s extension of the CPCI Product Family

RAM Development is pleased to announce Pentair’s extension of the CPCI Product Family. In response to PICMG’s publication of the CompactPCI Serial Specification one year ago, Pentair has decided to adapt and complete Schroff CompactPCI serial systems in accordance with the changes mentioned in the specification, as well as to take the opportunity to extend the products currently in the Schroff family.

Extension of the cpci serial product family
Some of the changes made include those to modularity and scalability. The system can now be easily configured which means that users can now more easily adapt it to their own particular needs.
In addition, you now have the ability to equip your system with AC or DC power units (pluggable or open frame).This allows management of two power systems simultaneously in order to achieve redundant power supply.
And cooling is also more reliable than ever. A high air flow system that travels from bottom to top now ensures that your application will remain properly cooled.
With all these new innovations and products, Pentair is leading the way in technology.

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Schroff embeddedNUC™ Case with Integrated Cooling Solution

RAM is pleased to announce Schroff embeddedNUC™ Case

RAM Development believes that innovation is life in the technology field. In order to be the best company, you need to have the best products. Bringing you the newest and most innovative products on the market is the goal. RAM is pleased to announce Schroff embeddedNUC™ Case with Integrated Cooling Solution.
In a world where processors are becoming more economical – small in size, yet more powerful technologically, the Next Unit of Computing® (NUC) system, from Intel was a game changer. The system combines many PC functions on a baseboard approximately 10 x 10. While it was originally developed for consumer applications, a working group (SDT.03) has worked to bring this product to market for industrial applications as well.

Schroff embeddedNUC™ Case with Integrated Cooling Solution
This industrial application takes into account all the necessities of use for this type of system on the industrial level. The creation of this system means that small and powerful PC units can now be used on an industrial level as decentralized control and monitoring units in automation systems.
Pentair’s experts are members of the standardization consortium and were therefore active in the SDT.03 working group. Pentair’s experts most specifically contributed to the conceptual case design and effective passive cooling.
All this hard work and effort paid off, as Pentair now presents its first compact Schroff case with an integrated cooling solution that is compliant with the new standard. This fantastic new system will provide you with the concentrated power you need in a smaller, more convenient and compact unit.

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Subracks-The route to the right subrack

Help your business function at its full potential

It’s important to have the proper electronic equipment to help your business function at its full potential. But with so many different products out on the market, how do you know which equipment is right for your particular needs?

Experts at Ram Development can help you figure out what you need to run your business effectively and which products would work best for you.
Subracks - The route to the right subrack
Subracks are just one piece of equipment but they are an important one. Pentair and Ram Development offer you a guide to choosing the perfect subrack. Many different factors are taken into account, including location, as the rack is affected by application areas and environmental conditions that may make it necessary to include features such as shock and vibration resistance, electromagnetic shielding or heat dissipation.

The dimensions of the rack are also important, depending on the size of space available as well as the amount of equipment placed on the rack.
Integration of other units into the rack is also important. Many customers want products such as cabling, backplanes and CSUs to be installed and integrated into the subrack before purchase. Because there are so many variations to one simple piece of equipment, it can get a bit tricky and if you’re not an expert, it’s possible to feel a bit lost. Ram Development can help you easily and quickly figure out the right product specifically for your needs so that all you need to worry about is running your business.

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Innovative electronic cabinet

See the InNOVAtive 19” electronic cabinet

At Ram Development we know technology is all about innovation. The newest and best products on the market are the products you want to buy. Ram is proud to announce the new InNOVAtive 19” electronic cabinet from Novastar.

The newest technology has been combined with the features you most want and need for your computer equipment to bring you a smart and clever cabinet that will meet even the most stringent requirements.

Innovative electronic cabinet
The attractive design fronts a slim cabinet that can fit into even the tightest spaces at 553mm wide. But the cabinet’s size has no bearing on its strength and stability, with a 400kg load-carrying capacity. The cabinet also has many other great features, such as a door (either steel or glass), containing an innovative hinge concept. The hinge closure allows you to open the door panel at a 180° angle, for easy removal and cleaning without the need for tools!
The cabinet is also fitted for mounting useful accessories such as support arms, and comes with a quick- release fastener that can be used as a carrying handle for decreased cabinet dimensions. Just choose the parts you want, and your custom-made cabinet can be ready in 10 days.

The best cabinets are the ones that serve your needs perfectly, and with these innovative, custom built cabinets, you can be sure you get the perfect electronic cabinet to suit your business needs.

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Schroff logo

R&D – Regional Representative of Schroff

Ram Development is proud to be the regional representative for Schroff group, manufacturers of industrial and electronic equipment as well as data communications devices that can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Our goal at Ram Development is to provide you with everything you need to make your system the best it can be to fit your needs. To that end, we have created a newsletter which will highlight new products on the market, the best products available for every need, as well as important information on the technology industry.


r&d – regional representative for Schroff

One of Schroff’s most recent items and one which will enable you to make your technology work better for you is the Selection Tool for VITA- and PICMG- Systems. This selection tool allows you to configure your system in just a few simple and easy steps.

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Moving tab by tab, the graphic selection tool will provide you with the ability to select your own individual system by simply clicking on the items you wish to incorporate and quickly and easily combining them into your ultimate system. As you click, the tool will guide you through configuring your system each step of the way.

You can use this system selection tool to guide you through the inclusion and configuration of any items you wish to integrate into your system from beginning to end, including selection of the backplane, through mounting options, and description of the mechanical features of each item. After these choices are selected, you can then proceed to choosing the thermal configuration and selecting the power supply.

Ram Development and Schroff are united in bringing you the best technology options to suit all your needs. For more new items and important information on everything in the world of technology, follow out bi-weekly newsletter.