Pentair introduces Schroff Varistar server cabinets

Ram Development and Schroff have the server cabinets that give you all the elements you need for your unique business. Choose from a range of unique products including the new Schroff Varistar server cabinet with a 1,600 kilogram weight carrying capacity…
Ram Development is a proud provider of Schroff products, a unique series that allows the customer to tailor and configure the products to their own needs. Design your cabinets from a choice of over 100 different dimensions and over 1,000 accessories and cladding parts, solely based on what your business needs to function at its most optimal.

Shcroff’s new Varistar server cabinet has a 1,600 kilogram load-carrying capacity that has been both tested and verified. This unique and sturdy cabinet can hold heavy equipment, such as switches, or be used to house a large selection of servers.

Schroff Varistar server cabinets

The Schroff Varistar server cabinet has scalable and efficient cooling options that keep your servers from overheating, along with a distinctive cover concept which allows air to flow efficiently through the cabinet. Any accessories and cabling can be flexibly and securely mounted with the cabinet’s unique rack profile, and customers have the option to choose from EMC, IP, and shock and vibration-damped versions.

No matter which version you choose, or what dimensions and accessories you add on, Ram Development and Schroff will deliver your product to you within 10 days of order. Now that’s service!