Commitment to enable better, longer lives to humanity

The mission of medical device research and development

The invention, design, development and manufacturing of medical devices – all culminate into one main purpose: to save lives, to help diagnosing and treating diseases or other conditions by physiological means. With the aid of medical devices, medical professionals can accelerate and provide accurate diagnosis, facilitate their work, gather data for prevention and prediction and so much more. Medical devices are designed for the sole benefit of humanity.

Medical devices are any kind of instruments, apparatus, software, Smartphone Apps, huge machines or portable small devices. They vary according to their intended use and indications. They could be "simple" as a Stethoscope or highly advanced as computers which assist in testing of prostheses or robotic nurses. They could be syringes that are technologically designed to ensure a safe administration of hazardous drugs, such as The Closed System Transfer device which is a fully encapsulated and sealed syringe that protects health professionals who are exposed to high risk contamination diseases.

Creating new medical devices is a slow, meticulous, multi-step process which progresses from the initial concept to a market-ready product – a full commercial realization of an invention

medical device

Research and analysis, planning, graphical modeling, prototype development, functionality of systems, users' manuals, packaging and finally, marketing – are part of the required steps that need to comply with rigorous regulations in order to create quality and efficient  products that improve quality of life of patients and contribute to healthcare, in general.

There are numerous inventions waiting to be taken under the entrepreneurs' wings and be implementation in hospitals, clinics or at home.  R&D teams are devoting their time to address and solve health issues in universities and research centers.   Some of these inventions are improvements of existing devices and others are amazing innovative breakthroughs that directly enhance the survival and treatment of life-threatening diseases.

Medical devices are designed to implement the mission of saving people's lives, improving quality of life, facilitating and protecting medical professionals and prevent potential diseases.