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    Best combination of size and performance.

Ram Research and Development participated in the development of the product for Lumus

We have been working with Lumus for the past 18 years. Ram participates in a variety of fields of development in the framework of cooperation with them, which includes: mechanical design, application of industrial design in a number of different models, Production portfolio management, production accompaniment (selecting manufacturers, control over them, etc.), thermal and dynamic analysis.

We specialize in the design and development of electronic products for the optics sector. We have decades of experience in the field, with a team of experts and advanced tools we can customize the design and development to the needs of your organization.

OE33 – General use side-mounted optical engine

PD16 An industrialized, bright personal display for vertical…

OE50 Best combination of size and performance.

PD14 A top-down industrial strength, bright personal display

Best combination of size and performance. This optical engine targets high-end AR applications.

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