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M3™ Compact MRI for Dedicated Mouse Imaging

Ram Research and Development participated in the development of the product for “Aspect Imaging”.

The M3™ compact, high-performance, one-touch MRI system is the smallest of M-series and is intended for dedicated imaging of mice. The M3 enables to generate high-resolution 3D anatomical, functional and molecular images with a “bore” size optimized for mice. The M3’s small bore correlates to a smaller total size (footprint), lighter weight, and more affordable cost. The system can be uniquely placed behind the bio-containment barrier for in vivo imaging. In addition to its comprehensive suite of applications for mouse phenotyping, Ram development in cooperation with Aspect Imaging’s LumiQuant™ package for generation of 3D tomographic quantification of luminescence and co-registration with compact MR is optimized for use on the M3 platform.

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  • One instrument, multiple applications

    The M3 has all the capabilities to routinely and repeatedly quantify phenotypes in mouse models of disease, including:

    • Cancer
    • Cardiovascular
    • Contrast-based Molecular Imaging
    • Diabetes and Obesity
    • Embryology / Developmental Biology
    • Nephrology
    • Neurobiology
    • Stem Cell / Cell Tracking
  • 3D Whole Body Morphological Imaging

    The M3 compact, high-performance MRI system enables high-resolution 3D whole body morphological imaging of mouse models of disease. Biologists and researchers without prior MR or imaging experience can now leverage the gold standard modality – MRI – for morphological imaging. The M3 is an in vivo imaging platform that is:

    • Easy to learn,
    • Effortless to operate, and
    • Fast to generate reproducible, quantitative results of phenotypes and therapeutic efficacy.
  • Maintenance-free

    The M3, like the whole family of M-series magnets, provides a high-performance in vivo MRI system that is virtually maintenance free. The system requires:

    • No cryogens
    • No auxiliary power**, and
    • No compressors or plumbing that require servicing

    **The M3 system only requires 1x 15 Amp outlet with 30 Amp receptacle.

  • Infrastructure-free

    The M3, like all compact MRI systems from Aspect Imaging, can be placed in most locations in a facility and doesn’t require an infrastructure typically needed with superconducting MRI system or cryogen-free MRI systems. The system therefore does not require any of the following:

    • No shielding
    • No auxiliary power supplies or services
    • No plumbing, pumps or compressors

    The M3 can therefore be placed:

    • In a small animal core imaging facility
    • Right next to other modalities like PET, CT or optical
    • In a working lab
    • Behind the barrier