Pneumatic Release System The new release head allows you to operate your lockable gas spring with compressed air.

Release your lockable gas spring with compressed air!

Pneumatic Release System

The new release head allows you to operate your lockable gas spring with compressed air.

With this new release head you are able to implement your lockable gas spring in your pneumatic system and release it by the machine control.


– Operation of multiple lockable gas springs

Pneumatic release system tech detail

– Usable for standard and short release gas springs

– Piston rod diameters of 8 mm and 10 mm

– Different hole diameters and width across flats available

– Connection of air tube diameter 4 mm and 6 mm

– Angular and Linear Connectors available

– Approximately 200 N release force at 6 Bar (Please note the progressivity of the gas spring!)

– Maximum pressure = 10 Bar

Pneumatic Release System Model Code  Connection Ø Tube Specification  Thread Index No.*
20AKP A1 W 6 M 001*

A according your drawing

B according our drawing
















W = Angular

G = Linear



– = Standard

B = Special

M = M8*1

L = M10*1

*only necessary
for repeating
Schroff Varistar server cabinets

Pentair introduces Schroff Varistar server cabinets

Ram Development and Schroff have the server cabinets that give you all the elements you need for your unique business. Choose from a range of unique products including the new Schroff Varistar server cabinet with a 1,600 kilogram weight carrying capacity…
Ram Development is a proud provider of Schroff products, a unique series that allows the customer to tailor and configure the products to their own needs. Design your cabinets from a choice of over 100 different dimensions and over 1,000 accessories and cladding parts, solely based on what your business needs to function at its most optimal.

Shcroff’s new Varistar server cabinet has a 1,600 kilogram load-carrying capacity that has been both tested and verified. This unique and sturdy cabinet can hold heavy equipment, such as switches, or be used to house a large selection of servers.

Schroff Varistar server cabinets

The Schroff Varistar server cabinet has scalable and efficient cooling options that keep your servers from overheating, along with a distinctive cover concept which allows air to flow efficiently through the cabinet. Any accessories and cabling can be flexibly and securely mounted with the cabinet’s unique rack profile, and customers have the option to choose from EMC, IP, and shock and vibration-damped versions.

No matter which version you choose, or what dimensions and accessories you add on, Ram Development and Schroff will deliver your product to you within 10 days of order. Now that’s service!

Frame type plug inunits - 167mm deep

Online product and part configuration is now simpler than ever

Online product and part configuration is now simpler than ever before thanks to Pentair’s new expanded partnership with TraceParts, which helps individuals and businesses select and match the parts they need more efficiently…
Ram Development is a proud provider of Pentair, creators of quality electronic parts. Ram Development is pleased to announce an expanded partnership between Pentair, and TraceParts. This partnership will allow Pentair to provide customers with a simpler and more efficient way to configure, select and match parts for both their Calmark Card Loks series as well as the Birtcher Wedge Loks product line.

Frame type plug inunits - 167mm deep

The simple online configuration tool is comprised of a drop-down menu that works intuitively to create the unique configuration that you require. Once you select the product features you need, along with your application options, the system will automatically generate your part number for you, removing any guess work or difficulty in finding the correct part number needed for your configuration.

In addition, those without a CAD system or viewer have the option to retrieve the files in 3D PDF format. Pentair and Ram Development are constantly striving to improve existing products and to make new, innovative and exciting products that will help customers create systems that better serve their needs.

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Click system- Integrated in Gas Spring

Get The Click System, which integrates directly into your gas spring!

RAM Development, the leader in bringing you all the newest and most up-to-date products on the market is pleased to bring you one of the most current and exciting new products from Bansbach – The Click System, which integrates directly into your gas spring!

Click system- Integrated in Gas Spring

With the new click system, you can lock your gas spring into position. This new development marks an innovation into new fields of application. Now you can make adjustments to your gas springs without the necessity of any other parts or a release system. It’s that simple. Just push the piston rod in slightly so that the stroke completely extends and your spring is locked and ready to go, without any further requirements.
The click system has an extension force of 10-400 N, a stroke of 10 bis 300 mm, a shifting travel of 8 mm, locks your gas spring into its inserted position and provides release similar to a ball point pen, without the need for attaching any further parts.

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Aluminium Gas Spring

The new Bansbach aluminum gas spring

RAM Development is pleased to announce the new Bansbach aluminum gas spring.
The new gas spring is a creative and innovative product that takes into account the weight of your application.

The aluminum gas spring functions just like regular steel and stainless steel springs, but on a much lighter scale, thereby eliminating excess weight in applications where weight can be the decisive factor.
For instance, the aerospace industry often uses several gas springs in one application, and excess weight is a negative factor.

Aluminium Gas Spring
And while a standard steel or stainless steel gas spring can weigh approximately 250g, a comparable aluminum spring will only weigh 120g.
That’s more than 50% lighter than the original spring, providing a much needed decrease in weight, with the same fantastic results!

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Enclosures for solar applications

Get the guide to the best material for solar enclosures

Solar energy is a fast-growing field. This renewable energy saves both time and money. The great increase in demand for energy has led to a vast move to solar energy, and technology must therefore follow. Creating the right enclosure solutions to properly protect and utilize this valuable energy to harness it effectively is extremely important.

Ram Development and Pentair bring you a comprehensive guide to selecting the best material for solar enclosures. Choosing the material can be a difficult process. You must always consider many different factors such as environmental conditions, available materials, cost and solar load considerations. Not every material will be as effective in every area, and these small differences can be critical when it comes to using your solar energy most effectively and efficiently.

Enclosures for solar applications

Is a metallic cabinet right for your particular needs? How about non-metallic, fiberglass or polycarbonate? Each provides different values when it comes to weight consideration, your environmental surroundings and more.

Knowing what products and materials are available on the market and what the advantages and limitations of each are is paramount to making the most efficient use of your solar energy. It will ensure that the networking and control equipment you employ always maintains optimal performance and does its job properly.

Ram and Pentair offer many different solutions for your solar energy needs. Read through our guide and speak with a representative to help you choose the best products for your needs.

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Take a Peek at Pentair's New Offerings

Ram Development is pleased to announce the launch of the new 2-slot Schroff MicroTCA system, by Pentair. The device, which features embedded MCH (eMCH), provides a connection between the AdvancedMC modules and the system monitoring, allowing for a unique communication that will aid in control and management of the power and cooling systems, which in turn will provide a much higher level of reliability within the system.

The design features a simple construction, making it user-friendly and easily maintained. In addition, the eMCH is much smaller than the normal, double-sized pluggable MCH module, providing better results with less required space.

מערכות MicroTCA

The 2-slot Schroff MicroTCA System is just one of the many products offered by Pentair Technical Solution, a global leader in electronic and technical solutions.

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