RAM is pleased to announce Schroff embeddedNUC™ Case

RAM Development believes that innovation is life in the technology field. In order to be the best company, you need to have the best products. Bringing you the newest and most innovative products on the market is the goal. RAM is pleased to announce Schroff embeddedNUC™ Case with Integrated Cooling Solution.
In a world where processors are becoming more economical – small in size, yet more powerful technologically, the Next Unit of Computing® (NUC) system, from Intel was a game changer. The system combines many PC functions on a baseboard approximately 10 x 10. While it was originally developed for consumer applications, a working group (SDT.03) has worked to bring this product to market for industrial applications as well.

Schroff embeddedNUC™ Case with Integrated Cooling Solution
This industrial application takes into account all the necessities of use for this type of system on the industrial level. The creation of this system means that small and powerful PC units can now be used on an industrial level as decentralized control and monitoring units in automation systems.
Pentair’s experts are members of the standardization consortium and were therefore active in the SDT.03 working group. Pentair’s experts most specifically contributed to the conceptual case design and effective passive cooling.
All this hard work and effort paid off, as Pentair now presents its first compact Schroff case with an integrated cooling solution that is compliant with the new standard. This fantastic new system will provide you with the concentrated power you need in a smaller, more convenient and compact unit.

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