The new series are characterized by a particularly flat characteristic curve and an optimized progression. This means for the user that the ejection force of the gas spring is nearly the same at each stroke position. The force difference between the retracted and extended piston rod is therefore very small.

In addition, the small piston rod diameter also offers significant advantages with limited installation space. The required space is just 6mm for the piston rod. And also the cylinder diameter with minimum 15 mm does not need much space

We also manufacture this gas spring exactly as you wish. You get the stroke, the pushing force and the connecting parts, which you need for your application.


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Embrace neonatal MRI

As seen on Popular Science Magazine

This is one more publication about our work on:

Embrace neonatal MRI

Aspect Imaging’s Embrace MRI system named one of the 12 most important health innovation of 2017 by Popular Science magazine.

Embrace neonatal MRI


mri baby friendly

Embrace™ Neonatal MRI Device Gains FDA Clearance

According to the news release, the Embrace™ Neonatal MRI gained premarket clearance through a 510(k) submission, demonstrating that the new device is substantially equivalent to a legally marketed predicate device. The Embrace™ system is purported to be a fully enclosed system that does not required a safety zone or a radiofrequency shielded room, and can therefore be placed within the NICU itself.

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