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The site features a variety of products marketed by us for your information.
Site updates and innovations will be held regularly. Our suppliers meet the highest standards.

If you’re looking for a product that does not appear on the site, please contact us. We also prepared specific requirements related to areas in question.
We are working on quality of service and products marketed by the “high research and development”.
Reliability of products is an integral part of our company’s policy.

“Ram Research and Development” is identified as a representative of the leading companies in electronic packaging in the following areas: military, medical, industrial, laboratories, heavy industry, etc.
The main purpose of the “high research and development” is to provide customers with optimal solutions to their needs as well as unique solutions.

“Ram Research and Development” believes in the importance of the initial meeting with the client for a better understanding of the project, and thus provides a good, suitable and cheaper response.
We believe in the importance of a direct contact with the customer from the beginning of the project and collaboration over time.

Mechanical Design.

Our company mechanical design department develops Electronic Packaging by a Professional engineering team. Our engineers are experienced and knowledgeable experts with many years of experience in a variety of areas, including the military market, mechanical design, medical and industrial, providing the best technical solutions for future products.

The engineers in our mechanical design team use various CAD soft wares such as Solid Works, Inventor, etc., as well as thermal analysis, dynamic analysis and design services.
We aim at providing innovative product design, with an emphasis on customer needs and selecting the optimum solution, modeling and preparation of drawings file, so the customer can enjoy a product that will lead him to success.

Importance of the drawings file: This is the final stage of the product design process. Engineering team coordinates all the information related to the product through all stages of planning and development, to enable trouble-free production, production portfolio construction, drawings including the information on all parts of the product, and detailed manufacturing instructions.

For a free initial consultation contact us pre-project phase, to accommodate the project requirements, reduce costs and adapt them to the most advanced technologies.
We are living in an era of new technologies for designing engineering products. Some believe that the design of a product or any other engineering part involves a number of keystrokes on the computer and the design is ready.

Future product design starts with deep understanding of the project. Phase two should begin by learning the product and its characteristics. Only after the basic settings have been made and agreement has been reached, the product design can be accessed by customer requirements.

Product packaging design is not simple at all, and it must meet a number of elements that comprise the planned product.
There are complex pieces next to each other that should be taken into consideration during the planning problems of heat dissipation, moving parts, the parts that transmit RF and defenses such as EMI and RFI.
Also pay attention to parts that stand to standards.

In addition, the company “high research and development” subsidiary is engaged in designing P.C.B. and mother board cards. The company sits in Romania and excels in designing fast and in low costs, which helps promotion of various projects.

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