Ram Research and Development Ltd. is an authorized reseller of Schroff products.

Schroff company manufactures and develops electronics packaging enclosures for electronic systems, information and communication technologies. The company produces a variety of products, including media packaging systems and computer systems and solutions for motherboards and power supplies.

Schroff provides advanced solutions for protecting electronics and communication systems, and gives customers the unique ability to customize products that will fit their needs perfectly, once a comprehensive and unique characterization of the business requirements has been performed.

The founder of Schroff was a young and energetic innovator who initially developed the “euro board subrack” system, which contributed to making enclosures 19” standard universal. This propelled Schroff to become a pioneer in the electronic infrastructure applications, and led to the 19” systems that exist today.

Schroff products are the ultimate solution for protecting your vital communications and electronic systems. As part of the process of client customization, you can, for instance, design the front panels with custom openings to suit your needs, and have your product available, according to your exact requirements, within a very short time.

Schroff offers a comprehensive package that includes more than 3 million Wedge-Lok and Card-Lok options, all in order to provide the perfect solution to meet the client’s project requirements. Schroff boasts over 30 years of experience in design and development, and all products come with related training tools that make for easy operation. In addition, all the company’s products adhere to the strict ISO 9001 standard.

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Ram Research and Development Ltd. is an authorized reseller of Schroff products in israel

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