Gas Springs

Our gas spring series contains a wide range of combinations and adjustments that can be customized according to your needs.
We have the most comprehensive selection of locking variations available, worldwide, including rigid locking in both directions.
The locks can be customized to suit your application and are quality solutions that can be applied for multiple purposes.


  • Maintaining international quality standards

    Bansbach products, and among them series of Gas springs,  certified with international safety standards in different areas, these ensure that the quality of company products will be first-class in the field

  • Integration, assembling and customization

    Our series of gas springs have a very wide range of combinations and adjustments, all custome made and with maximum availability

  • Locking gas springs

    We hav available the most comprhensive selection of locking variations around the world, including rigid lock in both directions. The Lock is adapted to your application, and is a high-quality solution for many different purposes.

  • Stretchable Gas springs

    These springs provide many options without using extra energy, and are attractive alternatives for creative design engineers.

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  • Dampers

    Damper is used as an element of safety and performance, slows down system speed mass.

  • Connecting parts

    The wide range of connection parts allows us to ensure that we always have the right connection for you

  • Gas springs are made of stainless steel

    In favor of applications that operate in harsh environments, we offer a series of gas springs 316L, which are made of stainless steel, as an alternative to our usual gas springs. Gas springs which are made of stainless steel are an excellent choice for applications in salt water and other harsh environments.

  • Release system

    We have a variety of delivery systems available for gas springs Including cranes, cables and hydraulic release.