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  • Skilled engineering team

    Our skilled engineering team consists of the finest professionals, who will provide you with most of the CAD software market leaders such as Solid Works, Inventor, etc., as well as thermal analysis, dynamic analysis and design services.

  • Innovation and Progress

    With smart model building, and the preparation of a comprehensive production portfolio we build for our customers optimal packaging solution that combines the most advanced technological innovation in the world

  • Representatives of leading companies

    We provide services, products and solutions for electronic packaging to leading companies in the following areas: military, medical, industrial, laboratory, heavy industry, and others, with a deep understanding of the importance and needs of each area separately.

  • Unique Solutions

    We believe that every organization has different and special needs in its own  field. Therefore, we will create for you a customized model, in which we will characterize your needs and match you the most suitable solution, which will provide your requirements fully.

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