Ram Research and Development Ltd. is an authorized reseller of Bansbach products.

The Vision
Expectations, requests and customer satisfaction are the main parameters that drive Bansbach. This assures a happy customer who will return again and purchase a variety of the company’s products, so compliance with customer requirements is the basis for success. Because this is the case, the company sets itself a high standard when it comes to product development. The company’s products conform to ISO 9001, and, moreover, have a firm Bansbach Certification AEO-F progressive. Combined with the most advanced security standards and uncompromising quality, the company offers uncompromising customer service as a recipe for a winning combination.

Bansbach believes that they must demand of themselves at the very least what they would demand from others, and therefore, each employee of the company is responsible for the overall quality of work and is therefore subject to regular inspection by a team of quality assurance professionals, so the need to rectify based on human error is greatly reduced.

Social Responsibility
Bansbach believes that happy workers are good for the company as well, and therefore the company has developed a work environment that increases employee motivation and sets new challenges, while providing an opportunity for personal expression and creativity

The company’s products are created with the highest level of effort, from development to construction. Customers are now able to enjoy personalized service for all their needs, while still maintaining maximum expectations. Bansbach is the world’s leading manufacturer of gas springs in different configurations and different materials. The company also produces dampers (shock absorbers), and other hydraulic systems.

Bansbach is a company that believes in its products and in providing the highest quality experience in the world. The company is committed to its customers, suppliers and employees, while simultaneously maintaining the quality of the products we create at a reliable, safe and high-level.

For Bansbach, honest relationships are the basis for cooperation with customers, suppliers and its employees. The company is a leader in this area providing systematic and comprehensive system management according to the international standard of production at all stages of the product life, all levels of management, all workplaces and with all the company’s partners.

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