Customer needs 128HP wide subrack. The PCB weight was more
than 200gr per PCB and the length was 280mm. To avoid a bending
/ deflection of the horizontal rail on the front side, a stiffen version
of such a rail was requested.

Use the existing piece parts from our subrack platform to receive an
custom oriented price for the solution. Big weight of the PCB´s have
to be solved by using the aluminium guide rails.

Customer can use the rugged horizontal rail from our standard
product portfolio which was more than 60% more stable than a “h”
or “l” type rail. 3 fixing options.

Project Details

Location : Europe
Type of system : 123HP Subrack for test & measurement use
Technology  : EuropacPRO
Product scope : Subrack with rugged horizontal rails on front side
Date/Time frame : 2014