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More performance for network function virtualization
Warwick, R.I. – June 5, 2017 – As one of the market and technology leaders for systems and
electronics protection solutions, Pentair is actively working on the definition, specification and
introduction of new technologies. Pentair has been heavily involved in the specification and
implementation of AdvancedTCA, the standard for high-performance communications blade servers.
The same thing is now happening with the next generation of follow-up technology, 5G network
Increasing amounts of data traffic and ever increasing customer requirements have led to an
unprecedented expansion in the infrastructure of telecommunication data centers. Network functions
are increasingly being removed from traditional telecommunications centers, virtualized and moved
into data centers. At the same time, more demanding requirements are being made of computing
power and data transmission rates. Even before the adoption of the CG-OpenRack 19 specification
OCP (Open Compute Project), Pentair developed its Schroff ServCite Rack to meet the demanding
requirements of server-based telecommunications solutions for shock and vibration resistance,
redundancy and reliable cooling capabilities. When compared to other standards in the
telecommunications industry, the Schroff ServCite rack has the capacity for significantly higher data
processing and/or storage density. It can accommodate ToR (top-of-rack) switches, includes a power
unit with plug-in power supplies and a rack agent as well as shelves for compute and storage sleds.
Pentair’s product range also includes kits for compute and storage sleds. The configuration for the
number of sleds in a Schroff Servcite rack can vary to match the requirement.
Furthermore, Pentair has the products and solutions for every aspect of network infrastructure in its
portfolio. Network and server cabinets as well as complete enclosures, including efficient cooling
solutions, access control systems, intelligent socket strips and various Smart Management sensors are
available for outfitting large data centers or installations. Pentair’s proven AdvancedTCA systems are
employed for AdvancedTCA technology that continues to be used frequently in central office
On the street, Pentair outdoor cabinets offer telecommunication components protection against
changing environmental influences (heat, cold etc.) and vandalism. The versatile Schroff small form
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factor solutions can be used at base stations or for IoT gateways. Pigeon Point products cover the
hardware management of these embedded systems and scalable server platforms from the Pentair
ICT portfolio as well. These products and solutions allow Pentair to cover every aspect of
telecommunications infrastructure, everything from one provider and tailored to specific