Military Gas Springs

Military applications can be some of the most demanding in the world, but rest assured- we’ve got you covered. With our patented CeramPro® treatment on the piston rod and heavy duty powder coating on the cylinder, our gas springs can handle the most extreme environments. From saltwater and sand to extreme low and high temperatures, we have the military grade gas springs to meet your needs. We offer the highest grade 316L stainless steel gas spring available, as well as an aerospace approved lightweight aluminum gas spring. Our motion control systems provide added safety benefits to personnel by slowing the falling motion of carrier doors, lift hatches, and ramps. Gas springs with damping are also used in troop seats of armored vehicles to mitigate injury during accidents or explosions. Bansbach easylift® gas springs have been incorporated into many vehicle designs, with the ability to be customized for any application.


  • Hatches and Doors
  • Military Shelters (Rapid Deployment)
  • Military Vehicles – Personnel Carriers
  • Seat and Height Adjustments
  • Aerospace
  • Extreme Environments and Temperatures
  • Naval Ships

Bansbach easylift® gas springs have been proven to be an industry leader in longevity. Our springs have been tested to outlast 100,000 cycles under laboratory conditions. We also have a unique design characteristic whereby a grease chamber is built into the spring to ensure very low friction and extremely low break away forces. This grease chamber also ensures that the gas spring can be installed and stored in any position and is maintenance free.

Advantages of Bansbach Gas Springs:

  • Fully Self-contained
  • Maintenance-free
  • No Power Required During Power Outages
  • Infinite Adjustments
  • Easy Operation
  • Does Not Interfere with Sensitive Electrical Devices
  • Safety Locking Mechanisms
  • Speed Control
  • Longest Life Cycles in the Industry
  • Cerampro® Protective Treatment for the Industry’s Best Corrosion Resistance

Quality Certificates & DOD Registrations

  • Certified Aerospace Production Facility According to Part 21 G
  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • AEO-F
  • ITAR Registered
  • Central Contracting Registered
  • DIBS Registered
  • Exostar Registered