Press Release
March 14, 2017
Pentair offers configurable solutions to reduce development costs and time
Schroff small form factor solutions
STRAUBENHARDT – Pentair, a global leader in protecting critical processes, people and the
environment, has developed a new concept which enables design engineers to quickly create
customized solutions to house and protect their small form factor boards, while minimizing
development costs and lead time. Using a modular approach design, engineers can specify their
enclosure, cooling, peripheral components, and mounting method based on the needs of their
specific application. Each building block can easily be configured and combined, resulting in a
customized solution ready for manufacture.
The design starts with Pentair’s innovative Schroff Interscale enclosure, which features integrated
EMC protection, requires only two screws for assembly, and has flexible height, width, and depth
dimensions. For customers working with Industrial PC board standards such as MiniITX, ATX,
embeddedNUC and others, the cut-outs have been prepopulated in the design to save time.
The cooling module includes options for conduction and convection cooling. FHCs (flexible heat
conductors) provide industry leading conduction cooling performance and design engineers have
options for heat sink height and orientation. For convection cooling, one and two fan configurations
are available, with a variety of fan location and perforation options. Compatible components including
industrial grade power supplies, power switches and indicators, and hard disk drive brackets are
available. The enclosure can be completed with wall/desk brackets, DIN rail clips, tip up or rubber

For those customers interested in Computer on Module (COM), Pentair also offers a complete
Embedded COM system including the COM module and the carrier board. This concept is also
modular: For example, a wide range of fieldbus connections can be implemented using a pluggable
add-on module. Using the XMC slot, FPGA mezzanines or processor modules can be connected to the
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COM module via the carrier or a custom circuit can be established on the prototype module. The
power module is also designed as a pluggable module, making it easy to adapt to different line
voltages and power outputs. For integrated system solutions the Pentair project management group
supports customers directly.